It feels really refreshing if you can take a bath comfortably after returning home from your activities. The warm water and the right spray volume from shower sets in the bathroom can make bathing time more quality website here.

However, there are only obstacles to getting the right shower sets. Sometimes there is a desire to take a shower like in a hotel so that the shower feels satisfied. But it must also be remembered that the amount of volume of water released could be more. So, what kind of shower model should be installed in the bathroom?

Hand Shower
If you choose to design a bathroom with a minimalist style, this type of shower will be very suitable. In addition, because the height can be adjusted easily, this shower is very suitable for your little one. Overall this model is more flexible to use because it can be removed from the locking hook and directed manually to certain body parts that need water.

Wall Shower
If your bathroom is large enough and there is a separation between a wet and dry bathroom, using a wall shower feels fine. You will get a sensation like bathing in a five-star hotel. The showerhead is larger and wider in size and cannot be removed from the wall or its installation. Although it is able to pour more water, of course, the use of water will be more wasteful than a hand shower.

Body Jet
Have you ever seen a car washer that sprays water on cars from all directions? That’s about the concept of a body jet. It is believed that the power of the shower spray that flows directly toward the back, chest, and waist can be used as well as a massage therapy when tired. By adjusting the volume and spray power, then you will feel like a massage while bathing using warm water. But again, this type of shower is very wasteful of water.